Financial Advisor

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Financial Advisor

The Financial Advisor’s role

A qualified Financial Advisor – also known as an Independent Financial Advisor or IFA – plays a key role in getting the most out of all areas of your finances, including pensions, ISAs and investments. Chris Masters is our principal Financial Advisor and he holds the Chartered Financial Planner qualification and is also a Fellow of The Personal Finance Society. Such a qualified Financial Advisor is best placed to work with you to create a strategic plan that meets your personal objectives to give you absolute clarity, confidence and understanding of where you are going.


Financial Advisor Services at Talking Finances

Choosing a proficient Financial Advisor can be challenging. At Talking Finances we excel in offering individuals financial advice because we put the client at the centre of everything we do. Our 15 years’ experience has shown us that in order for our qualified Financial Advisors to offer our clients financial advice – or any kind of financial planning – we need to take the time to listen to you and fully understand your objectives and tolerance to investment risk. Only then can we build solutions you feel comfortable with.

The Authorised Independent Financial Advisers at Talking Finances specialise in tailoring financial services to the client’s specific and unique needs. In our view, that is the only route to successful financial planning.

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