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Clear, concise information about where you are and where you need to be - in short - everyone needs a Financial Dashboard™ - All our planning starts with one

Financial Dashboard™



Financial Dashboard ™

Talking Finances are the creators of this unique “Financial Dashboard ™”, providing you with all of your important financial information in one place which can be used to view where you stand in regards to your lifetime financial planning objectives.  We created the Financial Dashboard based on our clients desire to answer questions such as….”How does all this fit together?” and “Will I have enough?” Your personalised dashboard provides you with.







  • A simple / clear summary of your financial position
  • A structure to enable you to “talk” about your finances and set objectives with clarity
  • Knowledge of your shortfalls when protecting your family and lifestyle
  • Knowledge of when you will clear your mortgage and how this could happen sooner
  • A structure to set realistic retirement targets and how to achieve them
  • A checklist for your legacy planning