7 Steps of The Financial Plan

When planning for the future, it’s important to create a plan that excites you, is meaningful and importantly is written down.

Know Your Numbers

So you’re ready to start planning your finances. Step one should be straight forward but for some of us this can be extremely difficult to wade through the mountains of paperwork and policies. It’s definitely a ‘round tuit’ job! It doesn’t need to be too complicated and starting is usually the hardest part, you’ll need to know the following:


• Details of bank accounts, cash ISAs etc

• Investments, ISAs, Unit Trusts, Shares

• Property Assets, Main residence, B2Lets, holiday homes

• Pensions, final salary and investment linked

• Insurances inc. life cover & serious illness policies

• Mortgage and loan details

• Wills


Write a list down and the basic details, including policy reference nos. (helps to stop double counting!), values, premiums, amounts of cover, policy terms… At Talking Finances we have desk just for clients so you can come and sit in our offices with your bundles of paperwork and have internet access to check online accounts. We’ll be there to help and we’ll even make you a cuppa!