7 Steps of The Financial Plan

When planning for the future, it’s important to create a plan that excites you, is meaningful and importantly is written down.

Meeting Your Retirement Objectives

Retirement as a concept will mean 100 different things to 100 different people and in the last 30 years this concept has already changed dramatically. For most of us this will no longer be a date, but a steady progress of a reducing economic activity and transitioning to living from retirement savings.  To establish your retirement objectives;


  • You must understand your lifestyle
  • You must identify your phases of retirement – often planning in 5 years blocks is the easiest way to process this
  • You must have savings strategy that follows the 5 steps of a savings plan
  • A good place to refine a retirement plan is allowing yourself 10 years of economic ability after you have paid off the mortgage and paid for the kids
  • In our later years we like to give money to the next generation, but we also need to remember that we may live longer than we expect and later life care costs significant money