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Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker

A Mortgage Broker offers a bespoke service in assisting with the decision to choose the best value and the most suitable mortgage. All mortgage brokers need to be qualified to give mortgage advice (unlike many lenders call centres).

Mortgage Brokers have a duty of care and have to recommend a suitable mortgage and explain why the particular mortgage chosen is the best choice. If their advice is not correct, you have the right to complain and be compensated. This service offers a valuable level of protection but more importantly (because of the larger selection of lenders) allows the Mortgage Broker the opportunity to offer you the best Mortgage to suit your needs.

Mortgage Broker Services at Talking Finances

Talking Finances excel in helping individuals with mortgage advice through our qualified Mortgage Broker referral service. Ensuring you get the right mortgage is lot more complicated than it may first appear. Knowing what lender, rate, term, features and what insurance is required can be time consuming. Ask us to refer you to a qualified broker so you can access hundreds of mortgage deals and therefore offering you the best mortgage, both in value and features to meet your needs.

Our holistic approach to financial planning means we will also help you work out the best strategy for paying off your mortgage by the key milestones in your life.  This may involve regular over-payments, investments, pension lump sums or a combination of all of these.

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