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Pension Advisor

Pension Advisor

Working with a qualified Pension Advisor is the key to getting the most out of your pensions and retirement provision. Whether you need help choosing a pension plan, determining the best retirement strategy, or working your way through the many and varied retirement solutions on offer, Talking Finances is there to assist you.

Pension Advisor Services at Talking Finances

At Talking Finances we have a team of specialist Authorised Independent Financial Advisors.

We excel in offering pension advice that is tailored to the individual. With 15 years of experience behind us, we know that the best way for our qualified Pension Advisors to deliver pension advice is to gain detailed knowledge of a client’s needs and objectives. This forms the basis of all our services: from pension advice to every aspect of financial planning.

A Talking Finances Pension Advisor will help you to understand how your existing pension provisions work, what you can expect from them and how these fit alongside the state pension system. Building a tailored retirement solution will include choosing the right pension products, setting a realistic approach to funding and ensuring that an appropriate level of risk is driving growth in the investment portfolio.

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