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Carole Haswell DipPFS talks finances with women

When being a woman is the least remarkable thing

Carole connects the differences in men’s brains and women’s brains with the winner of the economics Nobel prize over a bowl of porridge


When I headed downstairs for breakfast this morning, I was confronted with two competing actions:

  • One was to engage with the story on the radio of Professor Esther Duflo, who has just been announced winner of the economics Nobel prize – making her the youngest winner overall and only the second woman ever to be awarded it
  • The other was to click a video link on my phone to something that promised to be “hilarious”

No prizes – from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences or otherwise – for guessing which one won.


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What a performance!

GCSE results, cookery competitions and investment performance – Carole questions the value of a headline number


Hugging away the sobs

This summer, my eldest was one of over 700,000 16-year-olds to sit her GCSE exams. Results day in August sparked emotions up and down the country – not least in our own backyard. Flanked by me and my husband, our daughter trotted into school to find out her fate. As mere parents we were literally sidelined as she approached the desk to collect her envelope. Briefly I lose sight of her and the next thing I know, my husband is gasping as a blasphemous obscenity explodes from our daughter’s mouth just feet away from the headteacher. Within moments we are by her side as the tears well up and we hug away the sobs and shakes.

She has done unbelievably and exceptionally well.


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Why I am Talking Finances with women

Carole Haswell DipPFS launches her blog with a rant about why she wants to shake up financial advice to make it more friendly to women


Talking Finances with women: The ‘back’ story

6pm on 14 February 2003; Gracechurch Street, EC1: It’s Valentine’s Day 2003 in the City of London. Love and money are in plentiful supply but a cab can be had for neither. Arms burdened by gifts and flowers – and body burdened by eight months of pregnancy – I resign myself to a tube journey home. Tomorrow will be the first day of my maternity leave. And today, I promise myself, will be my very last day in the male-dominated world of finance.


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