7 top reasons for women to get excited about investing

Women shy away from investing for all sorts of reasons – some good, some less so. If your default is to keep all your savings in cash because investing is too risky, this guide is for you.

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About me

When I first stumbled into the world of investing over 30 years ago, I was armed with little more than a Modern Languages degree and a Post Office savings account.

If you’re not from the financial world, it can feel like it isn’t meant for you and – far from being exciting – the jargon and assumptions about who is investing and how they feel about risk can be alienating. I have never forgotten that feeling and, now that I’m a financial planner, I meet many women who feel the same way.

My goal is to help those women who want the confidence to approach their finances and ask questions like:

  • Am I doing enough to provide for the future?
  • How much will I need?
  • Is a savings account the best place for my long-term money?
  • When is it okay to take risk?

You don’t need to jump straight into the bewildering details of the investments themselves, but knowing that you’ve got the basics covered will help you look your future in the eye and take your first steps towards it. And that’s exciting!

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