Our fees

We believe in being upfront about all aspects of our services, including our fees.

When we listen to clients they tell us this transparency is important to them, which is why we disclose information on fees on our website – something not many financial advisers do.

What we charge

We structure our fees in the following way:

First meeting

What we charge: Nothing. We simply ask for a bit of your time.

Initial analysis and statement of objectives

What we charge: £495 to £995 depending on the complexity of your existing arrangements. This is only payable at this stage if you stop the service here.

If you ask us to prepare a full financial plan

What we charge: £1,990 – this includes the charges incurred for Step 2. At this stage you will have a full report with personalised recommendations researched from the whole of the market.

If you wish us to invest your assets

What we charge: A further 1% of the capital we invest on your behalf (subject to a decency cap of £5,000).

If we provide an ongoing financial management service

What we charge: A further 0.75% of the assets we manage on an annual basis (subject to a minimum of £1,200), reducing to 0.50% at £500,000 and 0.35% at £1m.

A little note to reassure you…

We will always tell you our fees in advance of any chargeable work beginning. At any stage of the process, you can ask us to stop. There is not usually any VAT to pay on fees, but we will tell you if there is.

Measuring value

Our passion for what we do comes from the fact we see the significant positive results of our work every day. We know that the kind of financial planning we practise has the ability to transform the way clients think and feel about their money and enable them to live comfortable, fulfilled and secure lives.

What we see is backed up by recent, widescale studies. Joint research from Royal London and the International Longevity Centre, published in 2019, found that individuals who took financial advice saw an average boost of £47,706 to their wealth over a decade. The benefits of advice were particularly significant for those who took advice more than once.

Source: ILC and Royal London, ‘What it’s worth: Revisiting the value of financial advice’ https://ilcuk.org.uk/financial-advice-provides-47k-wealth-uplift-in-decade/

Furthermore, our work doesn’t just result in financial value to our clients: there are other benefits to be gained from working with us. Our clients tell us that they receive peace of mind, a greater sense of security and an overall boost to their wellbeing and quality of life.

What our clients say