A change occurs in your life which brings about a new reality for you. That might be retirement, bereavement, start of a new relationship, end of a significant relationship, change of career, or birth of a child. All these transitions can feel leave us feeling changed and give us a new, altered perspective on our lives. A new reality can lead to a new identity.

A significant life event such as a divorce, bereavement, retirement or birth of a child is likely to trigger an emotional reaction. You may feel lost, fearful, or stuck. You may feel excited. Most transitions start with a sense of loss, but can also be seen as the beginning of a new phase in your life and, as such, an opportunity for growth and a chance to pursue new goals.

Seeking out knowledge from those experienced in helping people in similar circumstances to you will empower you to find a way through the emotional maze and gain the tools you need to move on confidently in the direction you choose.

Acquiring knowledge means you can make fully informed choices about your future and how you are going to achieve it.

With a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead, and a toolbox of knowledge and resources at your fingertips, you can move ahead confidently, controlling your direction of travel and with peace of mind about the future.

Through financial coaching, we can help you explore any area of your finances that you are struggling with. Whether that is immediate budgeting worries, or longer-term questions such as whether you’re going to be ok financially, and whether you are making the right decisions for the right reasons, our aim is to help take away the anxiety you may feel about your financial future. Our work will focus on enabling you to move on with confidence in your abilities, remove obstacles that are standing in the way of you achieving your goals, and help you adopt financial behaviour that is beneficial to you.

Financial planning can encompass a wide range of services including cashflow planning, building and managing an investment portfolio, retirement planning, tax planning and financial protection. What we do will be tailored to your personal circumstances and the goals you have either already identified yourself, or that you’d like our help in exploring and defining. Our purpose, at all times, is to help you build and maintain your finances so that you may transition to the life you want with confidence and security.