Why we need to be part of the conversation

Dear women,

We live longer than men, generally earn less and receive less pension – but many of us are behind the curve when it comes to understanding our lifetime finances.

As women, we face unique financial challenges all the way through our lives. We fall foul of the gender pay gap, are more likely to need to take career breaks for caring responsibilities and, because of our longer life expectancies, often experience longer retirements. That’s a recipe for financial insecurity in later life.

Yet far fewer women than men seek financial advice. I think this is thanks to the biases, attitudes and jargon that have traditionally been embedded in the financial services sector.

But things don’t have to be like this. I am talking to women – in workshops and through blogs – to get to the bottom of what puts women off and to offer help to those whose knowledge of investing and pensions could do with a boost.

Meet Carole

“Blah blah blah complicated tax stuff…yada yada: he thinks they should invest the capital in long-term growth assets, she wants a new kitchen…blah blah blah”.

Wait, what? Really? Are we actually still doing this stereotyping?

Well, yes, as it turns out. I thought I’d left those kind of stereotypes behind two decades ago before I had children, but it turns out the world of financial advice still has a long way to go when it comes to offering women a service with our financial needs and lived experiences in mind.


It’s led me on something of a mission. Through my workshops, blog and work with female clients, I’m building up what I feel is a good understanding of what women want from financial advice, and what tends to be important to them.

However, the last thing I want to do is form my own stereotypes! That is why I want to talk to you first about whether there are gaps in your understanding and what the barriers are to you engaging fully in your financial future.

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Come and join the conversation!

On average, women in their twenties today are on course to retire with £100,000 less in their pension pot than a man the same age.

(Scottish Widows, March 2021)

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