Carole Haswell talks finances with women

Dear Women,

We live longer than men, generally earn less and receive less pension - but many of us are behind the curve when it comes to understanding our lifetime finances.

I am talking to women - in workshops and through blogs - to get to the bottom of why this might be and to offer help to those whose knowledge of investing and pensions could do with a boost. Please do join me!

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The child – and her ‘trust fund’ – grow up

I suppose you could say it was inevitable. And this month it happened. The first of our children ceased to be a child. And along with the sanctioned alcoholic bubbles (plus the reluctant acceptance that, this year, there would be...

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Come in and join the conversation

Inviting you in to my small, informal workshops for women free of charge on the subject of investing and providing for our futures

Listening in the workshops to learn what kind of financial advice would speak to us

Blogging about it along the way to keep the topic fresh in our minds

The groups are free, small and friendly. And there is the option of wine. And chocolate. Come on in and join the conversation!

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