Independent financial planning

We provide a full, holistic and independent financial planning service.

What we do for each client will vary. However, a full financial plan will typically include a budget analysis and cash flow forecast, an assessment of insurance needs, a debt plan, a retirement plan, a tax plan, an investment plan and a legacy plan.

Review of your finances

People commonly approach Talking Finances for a ‘review’ of their overall finances. We often find that such a request is triggered by a recent life event – for example, marriage, promotion, house purchase, illness or the passing of a loved one.

If you come to us for a review, we will listen carefully to all of your circumstances and help you answer key questions, such as ‘Am I doing okay?’, ‘Will I have enough?’ and ‘What should I be doing now?’. We can provide you with a clear picture of where you are now and where you are headed, which, in turn, will give the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a plan.

Protecting your loved ones

Financial planning is usually only possible if you can generate income during your working life to pay for today’s expenses and to put some by for the future. What if this income were to stop because of illness, disability or death? How would the family continue to pay the bills and survive whilst children are still in full-time education?

There are various types of insurance which offer protection to families. We can do a full review and guide you to the best options within your budget.

Investment portfolios

Clients typically come to us for help with their savings and investments – whether these are within a pension or an ISA, a portfolio of shares or property.

The services we provide will depend on where the client is in their life. For those who are still building lifetime savings, we help set realistic plans for their futures. And for those who are approaching or in retirement, we help phase in income from their savings and investments as the income earned from working phases out.

Retirement plans might also extend to thinking about how assets can be passed on in a tax-efficient and controlled way to the next generation.

As part of our commitment to building portfolios that reflect our clients’ values and priorities, we now offer portfolios of sustainable investments, often referred to as ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance.

Talking Finance’s Catherine Street and Carole Haswell have filmed the following video to explain what sustainable or ESG investing is, and why there is a growing interest in choosing investments that take into account the effect that companies have on the world in which they operate.

If you are interested in this style of investing, we can help you find the most suitable investments to match your values as well as your financial goals.

Mortgage, accountancy or legal services

We’ve built relationships with like-minded local professionals and are happy to refer clients who need mortgage, accountancy or legal services, including wills and powers of attorney.