You’re settling down

Are you looking to buy your first home? Maybe you’re wanting to move up the property ladder and settle into a property that can accommodate your growing family. Have you become a parent and been hit by nervousness over your new financial responsibilities? There’s a lot to take in when life is moving at speed. We’ll help you grasp what you need to know, work out what’s important to you, and create a plan to help you achieve your goals.

Our clients who are settling down or thinking of settling down often ask us questions such as:

  • Can we afford to..?
  • How can I protect my family from financial threats?
  • What insurance should we have?
  • Should we be putting money aside for emergencies? How much?
  • What’s the best way to invest money for our own and/or our children’s futures?
  • Are we making the right decisions with our money?

How we help

  • A comprehensive review of your present finances and how these may change as your life does
  • Mortgage advice and which may be the right option for you
  • Help understanding insurance products such as life assurance and income protection, and which may be right for you
  • Advice on how to build an investment portfolio that matches your goals and risk profile
  • Help defining your goals and our expertise in building a long-term plan to achieve them

Supporting you through change

The only certainty in life is change. Find out how we help our clients navigate the emotional, practical and financial challenges change can bring.


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Your journey

So how does it work? Find out how we take you from initial conversation to successfully achieving your goals.


Our approach