Why Talking Finances?

You’ll be listened to

At Talking Finances, you talk and we listen, not the other way around. We then start from wherever you are, providing you with all the support, technical expertise and education you want and need to help you on your way. It’s about your agenda, not ours.

Your best interests are our only interest

We are independent financial advisers. That’s important because it means we have no bias towards any one particular financial product or service. We are free to search the whole market for our recommendations and we’re not incentivised by being paid commission for selling you investment products.

You’ll feel at ease with us

We’re not the traditional stuffy financial advice firm you might picture when you think of financial advisers. Get to know us on our team pages. We’re part of the local community, speak in plain English and are firmly of the opinion that no-one should be made to feel like they aren’t enough, or don’t have enough, when they seek financial advice.

We’re for everyone

We work with clients from all backgrounds and at all stages of life. Women face unique challenges when it comes to building a secure financial future and we understand that some women prefer to deal with a female financial adviser. We are more than happy to accommodate that request.

You’ll benefit from our “whole team” approach

It’s a team effort at Talking Finances with different members of the team being brought in at different stages where they can add most value. Although you will have a named adviser who you can come to at any point, we do our planning as a team because it means you benefit from our shared technical knowledge and expertise.

We’re experienced and highly qualified

Chris Masters, founder of Talking Finances holds Chartered Financial Planner status – the “gold standard” financial advice accreditation – and is a Fellow of the PFS. All of our advisers are fully qualified to provide regulated financial advice and have extensive experience supporting clients through life’s ups and downs and helping them reach their desired destination. Just as importantly, we all love what we do and believe in the value it provides.

Our clients say lovely things about us

There’s no better way to tell you about the value of what we do, than to let our clients speak for us…

What our clients say